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Natural, organic, Mediterranean

La Cucina dei Colori in Catania historical city center since 2004

Come to our food counter at lunchtime and choose and compose your plate. At dinner you can do the same, but you choose from our à la carte menu. You can pick two or three dishes or single portions. Our lunch and dinner menus are different every day and all our dishes are prepared according to the availability of the ingredients.

Have fun and eat happy.
La Cucina dei Colori is an informal place where
, thanks to our three cosy and unique tables, everyone sits down and eats together in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

We are in Via San Michele, 9 – Catania

Mix it up: compose your plate and eat happy.
La Cucina dei Colori in brief:

Local products

We use almost exclusively local products and have direct relationships with the farmers who supply us.

Veg & Veg

Our dishes are vegetarian and vegan. And we guarantee you won’t miss meat or fish at all. Do you want to bet?

Come away with me

If you really can’t stay, we’ll come with you: whether its lunch or dinner you can take our dishes away in our handy food boxes.


We serve tarts, cakes, creams, biscuits, but also lots of ‘raw’ desserts, like our amazing raw cake with chocolate.

And wine, naturally!

We mainly serve natural Sicilian wines. But if wine’s not your thing, we also have an excellent selection of craft beers. Obviously.

We’re not intolerant

But maybe you are? Please tell us straight away. Many of our dishes are gluten and lactose-free. Simply ask us when you place your order.

A little bit of history: our history

It all began in an attic apartment, with cooking lessons, dinners and catering. After a few years of moving around, in March 2009, we found our ‘forever home’ in the heart of the historic centre of Catania. The ways in which we express ourselves have changed over the years, but one thing that has never changed is our belief that food is a good mood accelerator.

Our cooking is natural, organic and Mediterranean. It always has been, even when it wasn’t considered very fashionable. We have direct relationships with our farmers and suppliers, which allows us to have a short supply chain and forces us (to our immense delight) to follow the rhythms of mother nature.

Catering and Cooking Courses

Our main business revolves around the restaurant, but we also provide catering services and cooking courses.

For us, these courses are intense moments of sharing – that inevitably lead to pudding! At our cooking courses, participants do not get their hands messy: they listen, observe, ask questions, take notes and photos and then they try out what they’ve learnt at home. During the class they also get to watch the dishes being made and taste them too. An enjoyable moment to exchange views, in which the cooking tutor explains the measurements, cooking techniques and all the other necessary information step-by-step.

Catering gives us the opportunity to travel and it’s also a good excuse to discover lots of wonderful locations. From private dinners and parties, to weddings and events, we help you choose your made-to-measure menu, with no standard dishes, fixed costs or obligatory food options.

Would you like to ask us something?

Would you like to book or need further information about our restaurant? Contact us! Would you like to take part in a tailormade cooking course while you’re on holiday? Contact us! Do you need to organise catering for an event? Contact us!